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January 5th, 2015


Sunday Caesar $4.75 Monday Alabama Slammer $4.75 Blue Hawaiian $4.75 Tuesday Tequila Sunrise $4.75 Maitai $4.75 Shooter $3.50 Wednesday Whiskey Sour $4.75 Sing Sling $4.75 Thursday Tom Collins ...

January Live Music List

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January 7th, 2015


FRI JAN 23: Winnipeg’s “Chris Froome” Visit’s With Rock! SAT JAN 24: “Trapped In Air” Are Trapped in The Decker! FRI JAN 30: Some More Jazz Influenced, Hip Hop Fusion With “Chel” PAST EVENTS ...


*note: fixing settings. Current event is not showing on day of event – look above in DECKER BLOG for list!

Some Jazz Influenced, Hip Hop Fusion With “Chel”

Main Room

10:00 pm – 02:00 am

CHEL is a foreword thinking group that blends hip-hop, pop, jazz and fusion. Strive to innovate while still staying true to Their influences. Heather Lynn- ...

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Let Us Host Your Private Party

The Guinness Room
The Guinness has a full bar, pool table / dancing area, DJ Booth with full sound system, 4 50″ LED TV’s and leather couch sitting area. It can be used for private functions or a completely independent bar area during busy nights / events.

Private Dining Room & Games Room
Our private dining room is located downstairs from the Guinness Room. It can be used in conjunction with the Guinness Room for private functions, on it’s own or as extra space during busy nights.

Pool Room Side
With two pool tables and a capacity of 50, this area can be blocked off for private functions.
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